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The full moon rising as the sun sets. Looking over Great Diamond Island.

The November full moon is also known as the Beaver Moon or the Frosty Moon.

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On top of Munjoy Hill, the Portland Observatory in front of bright sunset sky.

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Fall at Portland’s Eastern Cemetery. The leaves on the trees have turned bright orange. Looking down the path, you can see a flag flying on the pole. And in the back, the clouds are pink from the setting sun.

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Portland City Hall, shortly before sunset.

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A wide panorama of the sunset over Portland.

Munjoy Hill is to the right, where you can see the Observatory and the Portland House. In the middle you can see the Cathedral and Franklin Tower.

The bright spot in the sky is the planet Mercury. If you’re having trouble spotting it, it’s a little left of center, just above where the sky turns blue.

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Sunset over Munjoy Hill. Taken from the Machigonne II car ferry while out on the bay.

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As the sun sets over Portland, the Machigonne II, the Casco Bay Lines car ferry, approaches Peaks Island.

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Colorful sunset yesterday (7/20/13). Looking over Back Cove from Munjoy Hill.

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Sunset over Portland after this weekend’s giant blizzard.

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