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A student band from the Maine Academy of Modern Music, playing at the Old Port Festival.

An alternative version of the Talking Heads performing ‘Psycho Killer’ featuring Arthur Russell on cello.

(Source: Boing Boing / Dazed Digital)

Congratulations to “Beware of Pedestrians” who won this year’s MAMM Slam!
The MAMM Slam finals were held on April 27, 2012 at the Asylum

The bands were Zenith (who was the MaineToday Wildcard Winner), Rupture The Fish, Mark It Zero, Beware of Pedestrians, The Stolen Mural, and Simple Burden.

There was a special guest appearance by the Fogcutters.

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Leaves Leaves, Mount Sharp, and Conjjjecture performing at Mayo Street Arts on April 26, 2012.

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Johnny Fountain, of Town Founder, at the Big Easy on Aug 25, 2012.

John Nels at the Big Easy on Aug 25, 2012.

I’ve set up a new blog called “Portland Music Photos” - The theme is local music photos by local photographers.

Portland is putting out a lot of great music. But I think we need to add some visuals to that, to see as well as hear what’s going on.

So if you’ve got a cool photo photo at a show, submit it and I’ll post it to the blog, twitter and onto Facebook. And if you include a link to your gallery/website, even better.

This is pretty impressive. A huge number of tracks, thousands of hours of material in various formats, is becoming available.

(Source: Boing Boing)


Motorhead Play a Slowed Down Version of Ace of Spades for Beer Ad