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I’ve had MPW do a few high-quality prints for me. And they’ve all come out really nice.

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Photos from the 2014 Facial Hair Fest. This is a small selection of highlights. Take a look at all the photos.

Here are all the related events:

The Nova Star docked at the Ocean Gateway. 


Kermit the Frog & Fozzie Bear Hilariously Engage In Improvised Existential Banter During 1979 Camera Test

Improvised muppets screen test. Gets very existentialist fast.


Tomorrow! Come flex your follicles with us at The Facial Hair Farmer’s Market (Ocean Gateway Terminal). Free mustache koozies!

I’m the official photographer for the whole thing - so I’ll be around all day. It’s going to be pretty crazy day.


A Waddle of Penguins Encouraging Each Other To Cross Tethered Rope Translated With Human Voices

Penguins are not the brightest…

Taikuutta koirille - Some dogs flip out when a guy shows them a disappearing-treat magic trick.


Tenacious Dachshund Drags Inflatable Shark Toy To His Crate, Completely Deflating It In Just Over A Minute

Took some photos of the Valentine’s Day Bandit’s handiwork.

This year, the bandit had his work cut out for him, as a nor’easter blew through the night before, dropping nearly a foot of snow on us. 

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(Source: Gizmodo)