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Blanky the French Bulldog Can’t Reach His Beloved Tennis Ball Because His Arms are Too Short


A Map of the Most Common Cause of Death by U.S. State That Keeps Getting Covered Up

We’ve got a huge collection of books, CDs, DVDs, and other stuff that we’re unloading. So I’m putting it all onto it’s own tumblr blog.

Take a look, and shout if anything interests you.


Beastie Boys ‘Sabotage’ Video Turned Into Vintage Comic As a Tribute to Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch

This is pretty damn cool.

On Saturday (5/10/14), we were able to get a tour of the new Nova Star ferry, which will run between Portland, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.

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Spring is finally here and the cherry blossoms on Munjoy Hill are finally blooming.

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Skunk rummaging around in my neighbor’s yard. He spotted me, but didn’t really care all that much about me being near.

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The new Hyatt Place in the Old Port. Construction is finally complete and the road is open again.

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Alternate view.

A cherry tree blossoming on Commercial Street. Finally nice to see a sign that spring is here.

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I think this is some sort of gas or water shutoff. Bet it’s caused the demise of many a lawn mower.